Book 13 | The Relish of Rampant Rod

Rampant Rod is the top racehorse of his generation, unbeaten and ante-post favourite for the St Leger, who has gone missing from his yard and the trainer has been murdered.  Holmes and Watson are more than happy to investigate but they would prefer to find the horse, seeing as they have backed him to the hilt, including the rent money from their landlady’s safe.  Just as they are leaving for Tavistock in Devon, one of Watson’s old army chums turns up at 221B Baker Street.  Colonel Archie Tugwell is a handsome looking chap, a teller of embarrassing stories and a notorious rake; within a few minutes of meeting Mrs. Hudson he is trying to mount her, and she is not exactly fighting him off.  Watson thinks it safer to take Archie to Devon with them.  During the journey Holmes and the Colonel grate against one another, but by the time they have met the owner – another army officer, Colonel Tosser – they are in the perfect position to try and solve the crime and find the horse in time for the race.  If they fail, they face ruination!


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Customer Reviews


“The idea of a "naughty" Holmes and Watson appealed to me, and I wasn't disappointed.”


“Beautifully illustrated, light hearted read.”