Watson’s house in South Kensington is up for sale. Miss Clytenmestra Fanning has made an appointment to view the property without realising she would be in competition with Professor Moriarty, which is also a surprise for Watson. She has travelled all the way from Philadelphia and is in no mood for barter. She makes a shut-out bid and writes a cheque. But what was Moriarty doing there in the first place?

A puzzled Watson walks to Baker Street where Holmes has been engaged by Mr. Gemini Winters to investigate his mysterious job offer. They embark upon a train journey to Birmingham where they meet a man with the most dreadful dandruff. The man acts suspiciously and it isn’t long before Holmes establishes his devious motivations. After a nasty medical cock-up they return to London and are forced to intervene in a murderous hostage situation in London’s grandest hotel, the architect being none other than James Moriarty.


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Customer Reviews


“The idea of a "naughty" Holmes and Watson appealed to me, and I wasn't disappointed.”


“Beautifully illustrated, light hearted read.”