Book 11 | The Secret Predicament of the Stupid Banker

Holmes and Watson are given an early morning surprise when a well-dressed man visits 221B Baker Street. Events of the night before have sent the City banker into a frenzy and he starts to tear his hair out in front of the great detective. Holmes and Watson travel to south London, to the modest home of their new client, only to find a disparate family at loggerheads over something that went bump in the night. The finger of guilt is pointed firmly at the client’s son but Holmes thinks differently and launches himself into the mystery whilst Watson evokes an extraordinary metal-bending practice from his army days in India, with calamitous results. The adventure ends with an initiation for Dr Watson to The Diogenes Club.


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Customer Reviews


“The idea of a "naughty" Holmes and Watson appealed to me, and I wasn't disappointed.”


“Beautifully illustrated, light hearted read.”